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Episode 1
The Pre-Digital Machine

Research shows that in critical conversations, where common affairs and big decisions are made, women participate at two thirds the rate of men. Why? 

What stops women from expressing their innermost ideas, perspectives and opinions? And when they do speak authentically, what are the outcomes? 

We dive into invisible, systemic forces that encourage women to suppress their authentic expression. 

Resources & Additional Information

The World Economic Forum - 136 years to close the gender gap 

The Issue of Gender in Elementary and Secondary Education; Sadker & Sadker;

McKinsey & Company - Women in the Workplace 2022

National Women's Law Centre - Another 275,000 Women left the labor force

United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women - Gender in decision-making

Tidal Equality - Smashing the Sisterhood Ceiling

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