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The Magazine Club


Film Meets Startup Accelerator 

What happens when women are given the space for their ideas, perspectives and opinions to be celebrated, welcomed, and respected? That's exactly what Maggie Co-Founders Dani & Jen set out to explore. 

In 2022, Dani & Jen received a production grant through Telus STORYHIVE to explore the impact of the systemic suppression of women and pilot a solution to this problem in an unconventional way; on film. This is how The Magazine Club Docu-series was created. 

Led by a 100% women, trans, and non-binary creative team, the docu-series showcases the entrepreneurial journey of Dani and Jen as they pilot a new idea alongside enticing interviews with entrepreneurs, indigenous storytellers registered psychologists, diversity & inclusion leaders, venture capital professionals and community builders. 

It's hopeful, imperfect, vulnerable and raw. 

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