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We are Dani & Jen and we are so excited to introduce you to Maggie...

The Problem

At the end of 2021, we approached a diverse group of women (52% self-identified as women of color) and asked them, “Do you currently work in an environment where you feel comfortable and confident to fully express your innermost authentic opinions, perspectives and ideas?”. The results? Only 2 out of 50 women responded yes to that question. The two women who said yes recently started their own companies focused on establishing safe spaces as a consulting practice. 


Despite more emphasis on increasing the number of women on leadership teams and boards, women still represent the few and participate at two thirds the rate of men in critical conversations[1]. Just because women have a seat at the table, does not mean their authentic expression is heard, respected, celebrated or welcomed. Gender equality seems to be slipping through our fingers. It’s never been more paramount to explore this problem.


[1] Source: The Silent Sex. Karpowitz & Mendelberg. 2017.

Our Solution: the Maggie Practice

Maggie is a budding experiential unlearning community and practice that teaches all women (cis, trans & non-binary) how to rekindle their relationship with authentic expression to bring unique ideas, perspectives and opinions BACK into critical conversations.


How? Each month, we select a magazine anchored in exceptional journalism to deliberate and explore, ultimately re-creating the space where women tend to abandon their deep opinions, ideas and perspectives. Instead, we’ve designed a safer space where women can repair and evolve their relationship with full self-expression.


Our practice makes possible.

- Dani & Jen 

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